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Jealous War

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Jude (Leo Mezie) had his eyes set on Amanda (Ini Edo). She was his client and although she appreciated his legal services and friendship, her heart belonged to Franklin (Mike Ezuruonye). Franklin had been experiencing some harassment by the police department because he looked similar to a culprit that they were searching for. 

When Amanda hired Jude to defend Franklin against the police, Jude also made the mistake of believing that Franklin was the criminal at large. Jude set out to have the police kill Franklin in order to protect Amanda from him while it also conveniently eliminated the competition for Amanda’s heart. 

The day came when Amanda witnessed the police shoot Franklin to death and she was consequently traumatized. Jude comforted her while he pretended he would make the police pay for their actions but the truth was that he was satisfied that Franklin was gone and he thought he had a chance to win Amanda’s love. 

It turned out that Franklin had an identical twin named Nicholas. Nicholas (Mike Ezuruonye) was stolen at birth and both men were unaware that they had a sibling. Nicholas grew up poor and lived a life of crime and he was actually the guy that the police were searching for and not Franklin. 

Lo and behold, Amanda coincidentally met Nicholas in Lagos and fainted at the sight of him. She believed he was Franklin and Nicholas had no idea who she was. Long story short, Amanda learned that Franklin and Nicholas were twins and that their biological mother died after giving birth to them. 

Nicholas and Amanda fell in love while Nicholas suffered the pain of never meeting his brother and the guilt that Franklin died for his crimes. 

The situation came to a boiling point because Nicholas was the criminal that Jude believed he shielded Amanda from but instead Nicholas became the man she wanted to marry which, left Jude out in the cold again. Determined to have Amanda, Jude orchestrated his next move.

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