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In The Cupboard

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An emotional family drama that bridges bickering, secrets, and love while focusing on the fact that family is family regardless of blood.


Desmond Elliot directs a proficient cast and a compelling story that doesn’t have a dull moment. There is some violence and strong language but not excessive.

This is a well-executed story that concludes with that warm and fuzzy feeling, translating that everything is going to be okay.

Friday, 22 July 2016 00:00

Jealous War

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Jude (Leo Mezie) had his eyes set on Amanda (Ini Edo). She was his client and although she appreciated his legal services and friendship, her heart belonged to Franklin (Mike Ezuruonye). Franklin had been experiencing some harassment by the police department because he looked similar to a culprit that they were searching for. 

When Amanda hired Jude to defend Franklin against the police, Jude also made the mistake of believing that Franklin was the criminal at large. Jude set out to have the police kill Franklin in order to protect Amanda from him while it also conveniently eliminated the competition for Amanda’s heart. 

The day came when Amanda witnessed the police shoot Franklin to death and she was consequently traumatized. Jude comforted her while he pretended he would make the police pay for their actions but the truth was that he was satisfied that Franklin was gone and he thought he had a chance to win Amanda’s love. 

It turned out that Franklin had an identical twin named Nicholas. Nicholas (Mike Ezuruonye) was stolen at birth and both men were unaware that they had a sibling. Nicholas grew up poor and lived a life of crime and he was actually the guy that the police were searching for and not Franklin. 

Lo and behold, Amanda coincidentally met Nicholas in Lagos and fainted at the sight of him. She believed he was Franklin and Nicholas had no idea who she was. Long story short, Amanda learned that Franklin and Nicholas were twins and that their biological mother died after giving birth to them. 

Nicholas and Amanda fell in love while Nicholas suffered the pain of never meeting his brother and the guilt that Franklin died for his crimes. 

The situation came to a boiling point because Nicholas was the criminal that Jude believed he shielded Amanda from but instead Nicholas became the man she wanted to marry which, left Jude out in the cold again. Determined to have Amanda, Jude orchestrated his next move.

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Knocking on Heaven’s Door

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Debbie (Adesua Etomi) is a talented gospel singer that worshipped God with her voice. She sang the lead in the church choir and was talented enough to become a recording artist. She was married to Moses (Blossom Chukwujekwu) and he appeared to have lost his identity in the marriage.

As Debbie prepared for stardom Moses found any excuse to hit her. She kept the physical abuse a secret and carried on as though all was well.  

Tom (Majid Michel) was the music producer who saw through Debbie’s façade. He was impressed with her talent but also sensed her pain. He developed a personal interest in her and worked on her record deal.  

Instead of the music producer being the typical snake in the grass, it was Brenda (Ini Edo), who was a slick journalist with an agenda. Brenda had a history with Moses and as she conspired to get him in her life, she got her hands on some information that she used to make it happen.

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Letters To My Mother

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This story is told side by side as Mike is in the mental ward we learn of his past. It’s confusing at first because there are no subtitles to inform the audience that the story is shifting to a prior period. It’s slow moving but not in a boring way. We are introduced to Mike’s mother played by Paulina Oduro and Angie (Kafui Danku), Mike’s fiancée. There is animosity between these women but it’s not clear why at first.

Friday, 22 July 2016 00:00

Luke of Lies

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Luke, Ubong, and Susan were a team that made a living by duping the wealthy. They experienced success and continued to devise schemes to become rich.  

Luke and Susan (Alexx Ekubo & Daniella Okeke) were lovers and Ubong (Eddie Watson) was in constant communication with Chelsea (Nkechinyere Urum Jombo) a woman he met online through a social website. Although the two never physically met, the relationship was that of a romantic nature and Chelsea began to develop feelings for Ubong. 

But Ubong was smitten with Shola (Belinda Effah) so much so that he invited her into his group to help plot robberies. The other members weren’t keen on Shola’s involvement because they didn’t know her. Susan, in particular, didn’t trust her and she was determined to protect her interests and especially her relationship with Luke. 

As the group planned their biggest theft, it identified their weakest link and exposed misguided trust and disloyalty among the clan.

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Gina’s (Uche Jombo) three daughters were under the care of a nanny when she received terrible news  – one of her twin daughters had been kidnapped. The baby was taken from the backseat of the car while the nanny turned her back for a few minutes. Naturally, Gina was distraught and the ordeal was reported to the police and the search was on.  


Eleven years later the child had not been found. The remaining twin grew up to be a normal little girl and was aware of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her sister. One day she noticed a girl on television that looked just like her. When she called her mother to see, Gina recognized her kidnapped daughter right away. She didn’t waste a second to investigate and upon doing so she learned that a woman named Mrs. Peters (Dakore Akande) adopted her daughter and named the little girl Amanda. 


Mrs. Peters produced adoption papers while Gina argued that she reported the same child missing eleven years ago. Of course the adoption was verified illegal and Gina wanted her daughter back. Mrs. Peters was reluctant to let the child go after raising her for eleven years. Although Gina was the biological mother, Mrs. Peters was the only mother that the young girl knew.   

The subplot in the movie was about the woman that ran the adoption agency where Mrs. Peters was a client. As the woman dealt with a failing marriage to an unemployed man she also found herself in the middle of the feud between Mrs. Peters  and Gina.

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Who loves me

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Chantel (Jackie Appiah) is a beautiful woman that lives a pampered life. Unfortunately, she has health issues and unless she receives a heart transplant she will only live a few more months. She focuses on work and leaves romance out of the picture.

One day during a meeting in a restaurant she is oblivious to a man that is admiring her. The man is David (Majid Michel) and the minute he sees her its as though he was struck by lightening. He becomes immediately obsessed with her and sketches a portrait of her on the spot and many more followed.  

David’s home was filled with drawings Chantel although he had not officially met her. His mother (Kalsoume Sinare) thought it was strange but appreciated his love for Chantel. Her only wish for her son is to see him happy. David does meet Chantel at a later date and they become close.

David has a premonition that Chantel only has 72 hours to live and it drives him crazy. His mother does the unthinkable and kills herself so that she can donate her heart to Chantel, thus realizing her only dream – making her son happy. David is devastated by his mother’s actions but at least Chantel will have his mother’s heart and a chance at life.

After the transplant, things are looking up for David and Chantel until Rick (Frank Artus) surfaces. He’s Chantel’s first love and his presence challenges her loyalties.  Since a woman never knows what’s really in a man’s heart, Chantel must figure out which of the two men genuinely loves her.

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Yvonne's Tears

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The story starts where Fiifi (Prince Osei) is sleeping with various women and one announces she is pregnant. Fiifi isn’t pleased by the news and literally kicks her out of his home upon notice.


Meanwhile, Yvon (Yvonne Nelson) is being stalked by a psychic/artist who draws premonitions of her life. Fiifi and Yvon meet and fall for each other. While Yvon fights the negative sprit that is driving her crazy, Fiifi deals with a co-worker who is adamant about sleeping with him.

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Akan (Alexx Ekubo) returned to Nigeria after studying in the U.S. where he met his fiancée Sophia (Venita Akpofure). Sophia hadn’t been to Nigeria since her childhood but her engagement to Akan was reason to travel with him in order to meet his parents for the first time.

At the initial introduction, Akan’s father didn’t take a liking to her. Sophia was a Nigerian with an American flair and she was unfamiliar with the Nigerian culture. In addition, she didn’t cook, clean, or speak the Ibibio language. 

Sophia was too much of a modern woman and Akan’s father preferred that he marry a woman that was familiar with Nigerian traditions. He contacted his brother, Sunny (Ime “Bishop” Umoh), and the two schemed to find Akan a “decent” girl.

Sunny came up with Mbong (Grace Johnson), who was a girl that he knew from a local shop. Mbong moved into Akan’s home shortly after meeting him with the idea that she and Akan would hook up. Akan’s father paid for her upkeep but unbeknownst to the family, Sunny made an agreement with her to get a cut of any money she received.  

Things didn’t work out as planned. Akan wasn’t attracted to Mbong and he refused to allow historical customs to run his life. Mbong turned out to be an airhead and she caused a ruckus when she exposed Sunny’s underhanded ways. 

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